Few questions that should be asked from a Wedding Videographer before you hire!

With the wedding that’s coming your way; you definitely don’t want to choose a wrong videographer to spoil “your day”. So that you don’t commit a mistake, we’ll lay down some really important questions that you must ask before choosing the right wedding videographer for your wedding.

#1- From how long have you been working?

The first question that you must (or actually should!) ask is about his background, for how many year he has been in this industry. That will let you learn his working experience.

#2 Can I have a look at your sample videos? Probably the best one as well?

This question will take you down to his actual/practical work. That will give you an idea of whether your dream of wedding video can be found in it. Also, check the video qualities of the samples.

#3 How much would the cost come around to?

You certainly may have planned your budget, so just check out before finalizing if it’s not exceeding. Keep your demands in front of him and do take it in writing.

#4 How many shooters will be required?

Ask him if he needs more shooters because it’s almost impossible shooting all the moments single-handedly.  Many a times the second shooter comes in the same package. So ask it out!

#5 Do you have any more projects lined up during my wedding?

Big studios usually line up more than one wedding shoot simultaneously. So clarify how he will manage it.

#6 Who will shoot my wedding? Will you personally do it?

If he has lined up a number of shoots for that period then chances are that he will not shoot your wedding. So ask him who will do it and try to fix a meeting with that photographer to communicate your needs.

#7 Have you shot my wedding venue before?

If he has shot your wedding venue before he would already be aware of where to place the cameras and various equipment. In case he hasn’t, ask him to visit the venue at rehearsals.

And the final question:

#8 When can I have my wedding video absolutely ready?

This question is the most important question to ask if you aren’t patient. Ask him when he will be able to deliver it. While some videographers give it in 7-10 weeks, others may take a little longer as there is huge process in producing them. They are supposed to watch the complete video, piece them together to form a complete story, edit and so on.

The top most secret to select the best videographer for your weddings by observing his works. The more you watch, the more you get idea. And of course if you have questions apart from all of these, you may then clarify out with your videographer. Happy Wedding!

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