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Top 10 Wedding Videography Trends in 2019

Are you looking for expert advice on the latest videography trends in 2019 for your perfect wedding?


Here at Diamond Films, we understand planning for a wedding takes a lot of preparation and hard work. There is nothing better than capturing those once in a lifetime moments for you to look back at one day. There are plenty of ideas going on around when it comes to capturing your dream wedding, and here we bring you up to date with the best wedding videography trends in 2019.


1. Wedding Video Freeze Frame


This can be time-consuming and requires a huge effort in coordination but the result can be pretty mind-blowing. If you are not able to get all of your guests for one big group shot, you can opt for a few intimate ones with just the bride and groom or the bridal party.


2. Highlights Reel


Compiling a 5-minute highlights reel to distribute along with your wedding video is an absolute must. Highlights reels also make for a great way to share your special day with all those who couldn’t attend on social media.


3. Same-Day Editing


Same-day editing may not exactly be a new trend but it’s definitely on its way to becoming a stock standard wedding feature. This is where your team of videographers gathers footage before and during the wedding ceremony to show everyone later on the day.


4. The Little Details


Nowadays, videographers are not only capturing the big events of the day, but also the little things like the polka dots on your groom’s tie and the subtle design in the lace of your white dress.


5. The Voiceover


Videographers in Sydney are coupling their audio of family and friends’ speeches, toasts, sermons and vows couples wrote with their footage of the wedding.


6. The Secret Moments


Wedding videographers are now displaying the more secret, behind the scenes moments from the couples’ pre-wedding preparations and the intimate footage of the personal photoshoots.


7. Drone Footage


Drones are game-changers in wedding videography Sydney and are the perfect cool tools videographers are using to capture those dream moments.


8. 3D Video Montage


The 3D video montage has become a popular add-on for wedding video edits of all the visual effects available where still images are taken and edited with special effects to appear in a three-dimensional view.


9. Save the Date Video


While wedding video invitations have been around for a while, some couples are now going for full-scale wedding productions on par with short action films. This marks a super fun departure from the stuffy old postal invite.


10. Wedding Trailer


Wedding videos are increasingly becoming like movie trailers and when well edited and put together, a great wedding trailer can create suspense and immense anticipation for the guests.


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