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We work in such a unique industry, where every second is unique, and every moment is pretty much of an “I DO” moment and it’s once in a lifetime.

We’re totally blessed to witness all these moments, and we’re passionately putting all the effort to make it look as amazing and personal as it could be.

For over 15 years of experience in this field we managed to create our style and easy working system that makes us blind in within the celebration and being able to naturally shoot moments within the moments that would be most appreciated and valuable as it has the true feelings and emotions.

We are visual storytellers, we move the camera in such a way that captures the emotion and atmosphere of the day. So the camera actually participates in everything that’s going on. Filming a wedding is so much more than pointing a camera, it encompasses creative talent, knowing your craft and being attentive to people.

Everything we do is based on connecting with people and ensuring they feel comfortable every step of the way. These precious moments are truly captured by listening and being flexible to your needs, so the result will be cinematic in style as we believe your wedding day should be as magical as a movie.

Story telling and attention to details, turns every moment into a fancy fairytale from the dreams!

Working with like-minded people who have the same style and quality is something we always loved, and proud about, therefor we have co-operated and worked together as a team with people who we can together with them, make a good team giving the client the best we offer.

With our team, it’s really fun to work together and comfortable for the clients to spend the day, as we put our priority is what our clients and what they’re comfortable with through the entire process, and we all don’t only do photography or videography, but you’ll find us through the day, helping out with everything needed in the wedding, for the bride, groom, families or anything else, because we care to have the wedding running successfully and happily.

People who are looking for an affordable wedding photography in Sydney, can consider us. Diamond Films has a proven record in accomplishing great weddings over the years. The most prominent thing about the company is their rates, which are quite low regardless of the fact that they provide blue-chip services. People can save their money by hiring such a phenomenal service.


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